• VaultLOCKS® 3200 - 48 Pack ($12.75/each)

VaultLOCKS® 3200 - 48 Pack ($12.75/each)


*Package of 48 Lockboxes

Our Vault Locks 3200 series is a small, secure, 4-digit numeric key storage lockbox that is designed to protect valuables. It can be locked and unlocked using a 4-digit code, which can be easily set and changed by the user. This combination lockbox has a shackle that can be used to hang your lockbox on a doorknob. The lockbox and dials are built with high grade rust and corrosion resistant zinc alloy to ensure longevity. The shackle features a tamper-proof design and is made of iron to ensure maximum security. It is compact and portable, making it perfect for real estate agents, rental properties, contractors, or anyone that is looking to grant temporary access to their property. It can be used to store up to 13 standard house keys, and other small items.


  • Built Secure: Our 3000 series lockboxes are built with security in mind, featuring a zinc alloy box and dials, and a hardened iron steel shackle for added durability
  • Large Key Storage Compartment: With a spacious inner compartment of 45 cubic centimeters, our lockboxes offer 12 cubic centimeters more space than the competition, allowing you to fit 13 standard house keys in the 3200, and lockboxes. If you are searching for a larger lockbox with more key storage capacity, you can find our
  • Easy Installation: No tools are required to set up and use our lockboxes - simply use your hands and a code for easy access
  • Unique Construction: Our lockboxes use a popular hinged construction which keeps the lockbox in one piece even when it is open. This prevents the lockbox door from coming loose and getting lost. The hinged door opens at a 90-degree angle, allowing you to place keys in the lockbox without them falling out.
  • Protecting Your Door from Dings & Scratches: To protect your doors and door frames from damage, our lockboxes come equipped with plastic or vinyl covering on the shackle and thick foam padding on the back preventing the door or doorframe from becoming damaged

How Does the 3200 Compare to Competition?

Our 3200 measures 45 cu cm, with the majority of the competition only offering 30 cu cm. This means our lockbox fits 13 house keys. The competition fits 6 house keys

Where Does the 3200 Fit within MFS Supply's Lockbox Offering?

VaultLOCKS® 3000 series features smaller lockboxes with sturdy security features at a lower price point. Our 3200 is our most popular lockbox and for good reason. This lockbox is utilized by both property preservation contractors & real estate agents alike as it's the most secure box on the market at this price point. The 3200 keeps your property secure without all the bells and whistles that start adding up in cost. We know our customers only want to pay for the basic security features they need, at a price point that supports their budgets.

How to Change a Lockbox Combination on any Model 3000 Series

Step 1

Open the lockbox by simply dialing in the correct combination.

Note: All new lockboxes come preset to 0-0-0-0.

Step 2

Once you dial in the correct code, place your hand on the shackle. With your other hand place your fingers on the sides of the lock box and open just like an oven door.

Step 3

To reset the combination, you will need to find the reset pin which is located inside in the lock box. If your pin is equipped with a rubber boot, be sure to remove it before attempting to move the pin.

Step 4

Slide the reset pin to the right and up.

Step 5

Ensure your lock box is open when you reset the combination.

Step 6

Dial in your new combination.

Step 7

After you dial in your new combination slide the reset pin back to the left and down.

Step 8

If your pin came equipped with a rubber boot, you will need to replace it once you have moved the pin back to its starting position. This will ensure the pin does not move.

Step 9

To open the shackle simply slide the release lever and pull up on the shackle.

Step 10

You are now ready to place your lock box on a door.

Step 11

Once your lockbox is secure on the door remember to dial the combination to an alternate setting.