• VaultLOCKS® 5500: Large, Secure, And Portable Key Storage Lockbox

VaultLOCKS® 5500: Large, Secure, And Portable Key Storage Lockbox


The VaultLOCKS® 5500 lockbox is a 4-digit numeric lockbox with a 3-digit numeric shackle lock. While anyone with the 4-digit numeric code can access the contents of this lockbox, only the person with the 3-digit internal shackle code can open the shackle and remove the lockbox. Featuring a sleek design in silver zinc alloy, this lockbox can easily fit 30 standard housekeys. This lockbox is ideal for real estate agents with its extra foam padding & double thick shackle cover to protect the doors of clients' homes. Looking for something more custom? Explore our upgrades available for the 5500 including custom printing. Preset to 0-0-0-0.


  • Built Secure: Our 5000 series lockboxes feature zinc alloy box & dials, with a hardened iron steel shackle
  • Easy-to-See Dials: The 5000 series features black rubber-coated dials with laser-printed white numbers. This improves the visibility of the numbers even in poorly light locations. The rubber coating makes it easy to enter your code
  • Weather Resistant Dials: By indenting the dials on the 5000 series lockboxes, the design of the lockbox offers the dials protection from the elements. This patented design offers built-in protection. For real estate agents or other users living in extreme weather conditions, we recommend exploring our VaultLOCKS® lockbox covers which feature a snap-on door to keep your dials fully safe & dry
  • No Tools Needed: The only things you need to utilize our lockboxes are your hands & a code. Other lockboxes on the market require screwdrivers and de-coding rings to get set up. You'll be able to set & utilize any of our VaultLOCKS® lockboxes without fuss or extra components
  • Hinged Construction: Never lose the door to your lockbox in the snow or at night! This popular hinge construction keeps your lockbox in one piece for easy access.
  • 90 Degree Angle: The hinged door opens 90 degrees, meaning you're easily able to rest your keys in the lockbox without them falling out. Ideal for when photographing the lockbox & keys for a work order
  • Protecting Your Door from Dings & Scratches: Our 5000 series lockboxes feature extra door protection. An extra thick foam backing (0.5 cm) cushions the hanging lockbox. A double thick rubber coating encasing the shackle protects from even the roughest of users.
  • Extra Storage: Fit 30 standard house keys in the 5000 series lockboxes. Or comfortably fit clunky car keys, chunky key chains, and more. Featuring 102 cu cm of interior storage space.

How Does the 5000 Compare to Competition?

There are a wide variety of lockboxes targeted to real estate agents out there. Electronic, light-up, tiny, huge - and they each hit a different price point. This makes it difficult to compare apples to apples. Rest assured that our VaultLOCKS® 5000 lockbox was designed (and patented) with real estate in mind. Featuring a larger interior to accommodate a wide variety of keys, a sleek design to blend into the background of the home it's displayed upon, and thick zinc alloy & iron steel construction for security - the 5000 series offers real estate agents a quality lockbox at an affordable price point. The 5500 is among few lockboxes with the double-locking mechanism - but the 5500 is the easiest to use by far. Competition requires a decoder chart to try and map the correct code for the shackle vs the box. With the 5500, you set both combinations the same way and can reset easily and as needed.

Where Does the 5500 Fit within MFS Supply's Lockbox Offering?

VaultLOCKS® 5000 series features larger lockboxes with sturdy security features at an affordable price point - built for real estate agents. Our 5500 appeals to real estate agents looking for a sleeker design, more expensive look. The metallic silver of the 5500 showcases the securing of this lockbox and looks great while doing it. Customize your 5500 lockbox either with our custom print option - add your name, company, logo, or picture in full color to this stunning lockbox for optimal marketing impressions.

How to Change a Lockbox Combination on Model 5500 Series

Step 1

Open the lockbox by simply dialing in the correct combination.

Note: All new lockboxes come preset to 0-0-0-0.

Step 2

Once you dial in the correct code, place your hand on the shackle. With your other hand place your fingers on the sides of the lock box and open just like an oven door.

Step 3

To reset the combination, you will need to find the reset pin which is located inside in the lock box. If your pin is equipped with a rubber boot, be sure to remove it before attempting to move the pin.

Step 4

Slide the reset pin to the right and up.

Step 5

Ensure your lock box is open when you reset the combination.

Step 6

Dial in your new combination.

Step 7

After you dial in your new combination slide the reset pin back to the left and down.

Step 8

If your pin came equipped with a rubber boot, you will need to replace it once you have moved the pin back to its starting position. This will ensure the pin does not move.

Step 9

To open the shackle simply slide the release lever and pull up on the shackle.

Step 10

You are now ready to place your lock box on a door.

Step 11

Once your lockbox is secure on the door remember to dial the combination to an alternate setting.