Lockbox Key Chain

This 12" lockbox key chain helps prevent your keys from being lost, misplaced, or dropped in the snow. This easy-to-use key chain slips onto the end of the internal shackle, and then a keyring loops onto the key you'll be storing in the lockbox. Keyring fits 2-3 keys. Fits all VaultLOCKS® shackled lockboxes including:
  • VaultLOCKS® 5500 4-digit numeric lockbox with 3-digit numeric shackle lock
  • VaultLOCKS® 5000 4-digit numeric lockbox
  • VaultLOCKS® 3200 4-digit numeric lockbox
  • VaultLOCKS® 3100 3-digit alpha lockbox
Eliminate dropped keys or keys left outside the lock box with the Lock Box Key Chain. It keeps your key safe and attached to the lock box at all times.