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Archive by Month - May 2017

One Strategy for Drilling Out a Lock

18th May 2017


One Strategy for Drilling Out a Lock

How to Drill Out A Lock

Ironically, in order to secure a house, many times you have to drill your way in.
Watch as Property Preservation expert Charles King gives tips on how to drill out a lock so he can get to work...


Video Recap

  • Before you start drilling, check to see if there are any open windows that you can get in through first.
  • Work with the entry lock (doorknob) first.  The deadbolt may not even be engaged.
  • Instead of just starting to drill the entry lock, use a pipe wrench to see if you can pull the handle off.
  • Use pliers to turn the entry lock mehcanism to open. If the door opens you are done. If not, you will need to work on the deadbolt.
  • Use a drill to make the keyhole larger in the deadbolt so that you can see the pins (teeth) in the lock.  Start with a smaller bit size. Hit the deadbolt cover with a hammer to make the pins fall out.  If they don't fall out, drill in with a bigger-sized bit.
  • When the pins come out, there is a spring there that needs to be drilled.  
  • Place a scredriver in the deadbolt keyhole and turn while you use pliers to turn the handle mechanism.

To check out MFS Supply's assortment of entry locks and deadbolts visit: http://www.mfssupply.com/Contractors/Deadbolts-Contractor​

 For other useful info, visit Charles King's Channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCECX_Cp2cdQFse89ZjQhmeQ

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11th May 2017


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Using the New BidDesk on MFSsupply.com

5th May 2017

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