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Archive by Month - January 2017

4 Ways to Increase Property Preservation Work Volume

18th January 2017

More jobs, more jobs, more jobs …
Many contractors strive to achieve greater workflow for their businesses . . .
Watch as Property Preservation expert Charles King, in his own entertaining way, suggests a few simple ways to increase your work volume. 

So, to recap, King recommends that to grow your Property Preservation work volume:

1. Use Quality Products
2. Have Good Communication
3. Go Above & Beyond
4. Always Be Available

What do you think of these suggestions? 
Do you have any suggestions of your own?
(Please comment below)

If you are a contractor and are looking for jobs in your area, check out MFS Supply Contractors Wanted Blog, which will give directions on how to sign up for our program.

And for other useful info, visit Charles King's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCECX_Cp2cdQFse89ZjQhmeQ

One Simple Way to Find Property Preservation Jobs

10th January 2017

Property Preservation Contractors








Looking for more property preservation jobs?
MFS Supply is now offering you a place where you can find Property Preservation jobs by connecting with Property Preservation companies from around the country.

We call it our “Contractors Wanted” section and it’s conveniently located on our website.

Here’s how it works…


1. Go to our homepage and click on the “Contractors Wanted" link



2. A box will pop-up


3. Select your state to look for jobs. A list of jobs will display. If one interests you, place a check mark in the box.


4. Simply fill out your contact information and we’ll forward it to the vendor. The Vendor will then contact you.


The services requested can run the gambit like…

  • securing properties

  • winterizations

  • yard maintenance

  • snow removals

  • rehab handiwork

  • cleanouts

  • identifying damage

  • preservation

  • renovation

  • maintenance work

  • maid services/light cleaning

...That's it! And it's FREE!

PS. Remember to check back frequently, as new jobs get posted weekly.


Also, if you happen to be a business looking to post on the page, contact Andrew Campbell at acampbell@mfssupply.com.