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Making the Most of Allowables

Property Preservation Jobs

Don't Leave Hundreds of Dollars at Your Worksites

Are you ignoring opportunites for extra cash?

You are if you are neglecting certain allowables at your property preservation sites.

Allowables are jobs that clients have already agreed to pay for ahead of time if completed. The problem is that some allowables can change from site to site and from client to client, so it is important to stay informed, and to actively seek out these opportunities. 

Some allowables are obvious. For instance, initial Property Preservation visits usually include Securing, and often one or more of the following options:  Trash Out, Grass Cut or Winterization. Many of these assignments have Work Orders that list exactly what is required so the allowables are less likely to be missed here. The allowables that are normally overlooked are the ones that are above and beyond the basics -- the “extra work” that the client would like done, “if needed.”  

These “extra” allowables can usually be found listed on the Work Order as well, sometimes labelled as “Additional Allowable Items.” Some contractors may not have completed these jobs because either they didn’t recognize them or didn’t dig deeper into the Work Order to find them.

The following list is a compilation of common additional allowables that are missed at property preservation jobs.  (Note: Some clients allow these jobs without bids, some do not. Again, it is important to consult the Work Order, but also make sure you read the Property Condition Report (PCR), and the client’s Property Preservation Allowable Matrix to make sure which allowables are permitted.

Address Posting
Cap Chimney
Cap Electrical Wire
Cap Gas, Sewer, Water Lines
Cover Dryer Vent
Cover Graffiti
Fence Repair
Gutter Cleaning/Repair
Repair Garage Door
Install Handrails
Install Steps
Power-washing Exterior
Snow Removal
Repair/Replace Sump Pump
Utilities Transfer and Shut Off
Window Cleaning

The list above is not exhaustive, but it could give contractors some allowables to look out for.

It literally pays to read your reports carefully and take stock of the allowables available to you at each site. If you have already made the trip, you might as well get as much value out of that visit as you can.

It is quite possible that some contractors leave jobs undone because they do not have the right supplies with them to complete the tasks. That’s why MFS Supply is here.  Check us out online or give us a call, so you can stock up on property preservation supplies and always be prepared when additional allowables come along.

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