Get to know Kevin Tyransky, your MFS Supply Sales Representative
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Getting to Know the MFS Supply Sales Team


Property Preservation Jobs

Basic Stats
Hometown: Chesterland, Ohio
High School: Notre Dame - Catholic Latin

College: John Carroll University

Years at MFS Supply: 1-1/2 (Also worked as an intern at MFS Supply during college)

10 Questions with MFS Supply's Kevin Tyranksy

1. Favorite part of your job?
I like the culture a lot here and the group of guys. Everyone around here makes coming to work a lot better interacting with them all day and interacting with customers on the phone is always lots of fun.

2. What do you like the best about your customers?
They are all unique in their different ways, so it’s kind of interesting hearing different personalities throughout the day and getting to know every person
– trying to build that relationship. Sometimes, if I have a good relationship with them, I might start the conversation with an inside joke or something. I have a good amount of customers that I can have fun with like that. It’s more than just “selling products” to them. I’m a big sports guy, so it’s fun to mess with customers about sports teams. Unfortunately with the Browns some people will make fun of me for that but then I’ll talk about the Indians or Cavs, so it’s always fun to talk smack back and forth.

3. What is challenging in your job?
The challenge when you are managing a lot of customers is making sure you are allocating time to everyone…. You’ve got to stay organized and make sure you’re calling through everyone
reaching out to them, making sure they’re all satisfied.

4. Can you potentially be on the phone all day long?
That’s what I try to do. If I’m not calling someone, I’m quoting out cabinets, appliances, HVAC, (or) maybe prospecting online, looking at different reports and trying to see what I can come up with. Maybe (I’ll) see if a customer is ordering certain products from us, look at their website, see what else they do, or see what else I can expand on.

5. How have you seen MFS Supply grown in the time you have been here.
A lot of specific departments I’d say have been growing. Every program is growing in its unique way. We are servicing more than just contractors, preservation guys, and fixer-flippers
we are going towards homeowners and diversifying the audience.

6. Goals or future plans?
Grow within the company. My personal goal is to better myself as a salesman
always making my craft better more knowledge of the products getting to know my customers more making my customers’ lives easier informing them on specials, products knowing I have their account taken care of making sure they’re the main priority.

7. What makes MFS Supply stand out compared to other retailers?
By far customer service and quality of products we carry. Our goal here is we don’t want a customer to be viewed as a “customer” – we want to build the relationship – be friends with them – know them on a first-name basis.

8. Hobbies or free-time activities?
I enjoy staying busy. I like doing active things. I work out, play pick-up basketball, flag football. On weekends, I like to go out at night with friends.

9. Sports teams?
Unfortunately the Browns are probably my favorite team – big Ohio State fan – all Cleveland sports. I played at John Carroll University, so I am always rooting for them and their football team and going to their games.

10. Travel?
When I was in college we played a football game in Italy. We did a trip to there and Greece, and played one of the international teams.

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