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Yard Guard Universal Patch Kit, Blue

SKU: 21-3056 Safety Pool Cover Patch Kit


HPI's Yard Guard Universal Patch Kit are an easy peel-&-stick solution to repair any tears or small holes in your pool safety cover. No tools required, these self-adhesive patches are ready to be applied to your cover for immediate use.

Key Features:
  • Blue
  • 3 patches per kit, each patch 4" x 8"
  • Universal mesh matches standard mesh safety covers
  • Peel & stick style patches are self-adhesive and easy to pop onto your cover
Patch Application Instructions:
  • Clean & dry area around the small hole or tear that needs patching (if cover is significantly wet, utilize a hair dryer if possible to remove the moisture
  • Remove the backing from patch, and place centered over the torn area
  • Press firmly to applied patch. For double strength, place a patch both on the top & bottom of the torn area
  • Do not use on holes or tears larger than 3 inches
  • For smaller tears or holes, you can cut the patches down to smaller sizes