• Window Cover, SecureView 3' x 4'

Window Cover, SecureView 3' x 4'


SecureView Clear Boarding is a clear, polycarbonate, board-up securing system that is designed to look like traditional windows. This product provides clear views and lets in natural light and enhances marketability and safety, allowing first responders to see inside in the event of an emergency. SecureView can assist with protecting the property from intrusion associated with plywood and steel board-ups. SecureView can be modified by the customer onsite to fit any window and is quickly and easily installed using a simple but effective compression bolt system. Once in place, SecureView proves to be an effective solution to the issue of blight, increasing a property's value due to improved curb appeal, which in turn helps to stabilize the entire neighborhood. 

• Available sizes 3' x 4', 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’, 6’ x 8’
• Use a 120 VAC circular saw with high tooth count blade to cut (carbide recommended).
• Bracing systems available for purchase separately
• Washers, nuts, security screws, 3/8” carriage bolts (length determined per window depth) NOT included in purchase
• Recyclable and reusable