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Toilet Wrap (5-Pack) -Was $4.95 Now


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Once you've winterized a toilet, our Winterization Toilet Wrap helps prevent use of the facilities.
The purpose of winterizing a toilet is clear...to help prevent burst pipes caused by winter's cold. After draining the system and adding plumber's anti-freeze per their instructions, take this clear, 16" x 14" toilet wrap and "static-stick" it over the bowl. The word "Winterized" is boldly imprinted so no one mistakenly tries to use the facilities. Winterization toilet wrap material will not damage toilets or leave a residue. For best results, apply the static-stick toilet wrap to a clean, damp surface. In humid conditions, punch out the die-cut vent holes in the toilet wrap to help prevent mold growth. You get five static-stick toilet wraps per pack.

Was $4.95 Now $3.99