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Tools & Equipment

Homeowner's tools just can't do the same quality of work as contractor tools...they're just not built of the highest-quality materials (which is fine for homeowners who use those tools infrequently). But for your toolbox, only commercial tool sets for contractors will do, and the commercial tools sets you'll find at MFSsupply.com will satisfy your demand for rugged, top-performing contractor tools suitable for day-in, day-out work. Among the commercial tools sets for contractors you'll find here are screwdriver sets, drill bit sets and reciprocating saw blades from DeWalt®, the manufacturer of some of the best contractor tools sold in the U.S., including the powerful drills, impact drivers and saws sold here at MFSsupply.com.

Carriage Bolt Drivers

Carriage bolt drivers are unique tools that are hard to find but not at MFS Supply. When you need to tighten a nut on a long-shaft carriage bolt, you had to do it by hand, but with our carriage bolt driver, you can now use your power drill or cordless drill.


Door Lock Installation Kits

Drilling holes you need to install door locks looks very involved, but it doesn’t have to be! Though you can find a door lock installation kit in many places, none will make it easier for the door lock installer than our DeWalt Door Lock Installation Kit.



The cordless DeWalt hammerdrills and cordless drills at MFS Supply give you professional-quality performance you demand. Our selection includes a 14.4-volt cordless power drill, 18-volt cordless power drill, & an 18-volt cordless hammerdrill.


Drill Bits

Every toolbox needs a dependable drill bit set that's ready to go when you've got a drilling task in front of you. At MFSsupply.com you can choose from a few different drill bit sets to keep on hand.


Impact Drivers

Using an impact driver can be very uncomfortable when trying to get the fastening work done. But when you use a cordless impact driver, particularly our DeWalt Cordless Impact Driver, you get the torque you need without sacrificing comfort.



The last thing you want when you've got a big cutting job ahead of you is a wimpy saw. That's why the only power saws we sell here at MFSsupply.com are DeWalt Reciprocating Saw Kits and DeWalt Circular Saw Kits.


Saw Blades

If you’re going to be using one of our DeWalt reciprocating saws, it makes sense to use a DeWalt-designed reciprocating saw blade set too. Our 12-piece saw blade set was designed by DeWalt to be the perfect companion accessory for our reciprocating saws.


Screwdriver Sets

When you use screwdriver bits with your power drill or driver, you're working so much faster, and with just a pull on the trigger. Our DeWalt screwdriver bit sets include Phillips and slotted screwdriver bits, plus other more specialized drive bits