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Lock Boxes

Who needs a lock box? Real estate agents are the biggest fans of lock boxes, but homeowners are learning the benefits of lock boxes as well. A real estate lockbox provides easy property access to potential buyers and their agents. The listing agent simply tells other interested real estate agents the lock box combination (easily changed by the realtor at any time), and they’ll have access to the door key stashed inside. Also, anyone who has ever locked himself out of his home can certainly appreciate the peace of mind a real estate lockbox provides. Just hang a lock box on the doorknob, or mount one out of sight, to prevent future accidental lockouts. It’s smart to get a lockbox! Real estate agents will tell you it’s one of the easiest things you can do for convenience and freedom from worry. The type of lock box real estate agents and homeowners choose depends on individual needs, but every real estate lockbox you’ll find on our web site provides years of secure, dependable service...it has to, because your property’s security rides on them. Choose from wall-mounted lock boxes or those that hang over a doorknob...choose alphabetical or numerical combinations. They’re the perfect way to control access to multiple keys, keycards and other items.

Alpha Lock Boxes

Alpha lock boxes use letters rather than numbers as their lock box combination code. Each alpha lock box uses 3-letter codes that are easily changed by you at any time, and cover all the popular industry-used alpha lock box combination codes.


Numeric Lock Boxes

Our numeric lock boxes use 4-digit numeric combinations to give thousands of unique, easy-to-remember codes to choose from; change the code whenever you’d like. Each heavy-duty, metal numeric lock box is built tough to withstand attempted forced entry.


Wall-Mount Lock Boxes

Mounted next to an entry door or nearby wall outside your home, a wall-mounted lock box will make sure you’re never accidentally locked out. Make this steel lock box a permanent fixture outside your home and rest assured there’s always a key available.