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Preserving and maintaining home or office properties require the use of a variety of electrical items and appliances, and you'll find many of them here at MFSsupply.com. A home generator, several dehumidifiers, even a sump pump for homes can all be found here, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, batteries, flashlights and more. Choose from two home generators that can power electrical appliances for several hours...choose from four refurbished dehumidifiers to keep damp rooms drier...and see our sump pump for homes that suffer from wet basements.

Air Compressors

When you're looking for an air compressor, there's no need to spend big bucks on a brand-new unit. Refurbished home air compressors are rebuilt by the manufacturer to factory specs, so you can get the job done without spending a lot of money.



Batteries are in virtually every portable electronic accessory you own, so you've got keep a full inventory on hand at all times! That's why you should stock up on our Polaroid batteries in the 5 most popular sizes.


Battery Chargers

Power tools that run on batteries let you do your job without worrying about power cord lengths or outlet locations. The cordless DeWalt power tools we offer are powered by battery packs you can charge with our DeWalt battery charger.



When you notice a damp, musty smell, especially in the basement, consider our factory-refurbished dehumidifiers to get rid of excess moisture. Whether new or refurbished, home dehumidifiers get rid of extra moisture that can damage a home's basic structure.



Choose the best flashlight for emergency or inspection purposes by checking out our selection of light flashlights. Only you know what the best flashlight is for you. A light flashlight is easier to hold for extended periods of time.

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When power goes out for a long time, a gas portable generator could be the most important equipment in your home or business. If you have a portable generator, it keeps your lights on, refrigerator & freezer running & all your electrical appliances working.


Light Bulbs

There's nothing we take for granted more than electric light bulbs. Where would your home, office or business be without them? How about any real estate properties you manage...would you show a property that's missing electric light bulbs?

Line Voltage Tester.jpg

Line Voltage Tester

One of the many tools you need in your toolbox is a line voltage tester that can tell if there's a problem with the electrical outlet. There are a lot of electrical testers out there, but our simple line voltage tester is really all you need.


Smoke, CO & Multifunction Detectors

Every home and office should think "Safety First", and MFSsupply.com has what you need to make sure your properties can be safely occupied. Among those safety items are replacement smoke detectors and  CO detectors.


Solar Products

Using solar products eliminates the hassle of finding an outlet, so you can install a solar light outdoors where natural sunlight can reach. Solar products like solar lights have internal rechargeable batteries that are charged by sunlight all day.


Sump Pumps

"Water in the basement" are 4 words that can get strike fear into anyone. A submersible sump pump sits in a water-accumulating sump pit, & pumps excess water away from the house. A sump pump is specially sealed to prevent electrical short circuits.


Wall Plates

Fixing up a property for current tenants or for viewing by potential buyers might be as simple as buying new wall plates for the electrical switches & outlets that need them. You'll find exactly what you need for your properties at MFSsupply.com.


Wire Connectors

You've got electrical wiring work that needs to be done, so you'll need our plastic wire connectors to twist over the joined wires to make the connection tighter & secure. Using wire connectors can help keep the wire connection tight even during vibration.