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Door Hinges, Hasps, Hole Covers & More

Whether it’s your own home or building, or a property you’re preserving, it’s important for all the door hardware to be in top operating condition. That includes all the commercial door handles, entry door knobs, and sliding door hardware, and more. But “working condition” is one thing; you also want that hardware looking as shiny and bright as possible; it helps keep the resale value up. So shop MFSsupply.com for commercial door handles, entry door knobs, sliding door hardware, and the rest of your door hardware...it’s where you can expect high quality at affordable prices. Plus, take advantage of same-day shipping via UPS when you order by 3 pm ET.

Barrel Bolts

For quick locking and unlocking, you can’t find anything faster than sliding barrel bolts. Get a barrel bolt to secure exterior and interior doors or gates from the inside, or storage areas from the outside. No key to keep, no combination to memorize.


Door Hinges

Rarely do you think about door hinges, until you see they aren’t hanging properly. Perhaps they’re sagging, not allowing full closure of the door. If the door is not closing well, and “feels” somewhat heavy, we have door hinges to replace your old ones


Door Hole Covers

When a doorknob or dead bolt has to be removed, rather than leaving an unsightly open hole in that door, you’ll want a way to cover it. Each door hole cover includes 2 metal discs that are tightly fastened through the opening with a nut & long bolt.


Drive-In Latches

Drive-in door latches replace your standard door latches when there is no mortise for the latch’s faceplate in the door edge. You’ll find drive-in deadbolt latches and drive-in entry door latches at MFS Supply.



A locking system is only as strong as its weakest component, so while you’re always sure to get a strong padlock, you’ve got to make sure that the door hasp you install is one you can trust. You’ll find the standard single hinge hasp here at MFS Supply.


Jamb Enforcers

Intruders will try any method to get into a house, and the wood door jamb at each of your entry doors is one of their prime targets. The FBI reports that 84% of all breaking and entering violations can be attributed to door jamb failure.


Strike Plates

You’re used to seeing door strike plates on every door post you walk through. But you don’t often see “blank” strike plates on those door posts. Here’s where you can find blank door strike plates for whenever an entry lock or deadbolt has been removed.


Door Stops

At MFS Supply you’ll find our wall-mounted Spring Door Stop, which can be used for home, commercial &office use. A door stopper isn’t meant to prevent damage to a door...a door stopper is really meant to prevent damage to the wall behind the door.